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The Good Limbo

The Good Limbo is an online mental health community for peer based support and distraction. We have forums and a Discord chat server where you can talk to others who understand. We’re here because we’ve been there.


We provide a large list of support numbers and websites available around the world, so that they’re easily accessible in one place. You can find them here.

Members of The Good Limbo contribute to our blogs and podcasts. It gives them a chance to share their stories and experiences around mental health, and allows listeners and readers to gain understanding. Click here to read the blog, or here for the podcasts.

Small Comforts is a pocket-sized kit designed to help with mindfulness on the move by utilising the five major senses. Mindfulness is a wonderful tool to keep you centred. Whether you suffer from mental health issues or you just need a hand on those stressful days, Small Comforts is the perfect companion. We offer custom branding and bulk order pricing. Contact us for bulk order enquiries

Need to get something off your chest, or just want some friendly conversation? Click the button below to join our Discord server. We offer both chat style and forum style channels. There’s space for chit chat, support and distraction so you can talk with peers who can relate.