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The word ‘limbo’ means to be between stages with some uncertainty about what happens next.

The Good Limbo was set up by a group of people who came together with the same aim: to create a place where individuals can find comfort and support. A place with people who may be able to relate to your experiences of mental health. Hopefully, somewhere that you can find understanding and friendship to help you through the uncertainty.

We recognise the huge value in having a non judgmental and friendly ear in a time of need. Having the opportunity to speak to someone who may be experiencing similar concerns can be very helpful. We are open 24 hours and are accessed by people from around the world. All of our members are at different stages of their journey. Some consider themselves recovered and want to offer support. Others are currently facing difficulties and are taking steps to work through this. For some, their journey is new and challenging. Most importantly, all are welcome!  

We have a team of moderators to oversee this site. They are here primarily to ensure that this remains a safe and supportive place, where people feel able to come and find distraction or have a more serious conversations. Moderators are not only volunteers in those roles but are also first and foremost users of the site themselves. We want to foster a culture of respect, tolerance and safety. Please help us do this by being kind to other users. 

The nature of this site means that some of the content may be distressing or unintentionally upsetting. Therefore, it is necessary to have some rules in place which need to be followed. These include using designated rooms for serious chat. Our rules can be found in the rules section of the website and must be read and adhered to.

As a result of us being a peer led site, we are unable to offer any professional advice or treatment with regards to the mental health of users. Please bear this in mind. In addition, we ask that members of the community look after their safety online. 

We’ve provided support numbers for many countries in the support section. Also, there are forums and a live chat that you can join, where you can find support and distractions. Furthermore, there are some great member contributions in the creativity section.

Above all, should you have concerns about your own mental health or ability to cope please seek help from your GP or mental health team. If things feel more urgent, please access your nearest emergency room.

Finally, we welcome you to join our community, and hope that you find the support you need here.