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The Good Limbo is completely free to use. We’re including a Paypal donate button for those who wish to contribute to the running costs. We also have a page on Ko-fi for donations if preferred.

Donations will be used to cover costs associated with running The Good Limbo. These include but are not limited to hosting, domain name registration and arcade fees. Any donations received which exceed this may be used towards other business costs. These may include but aren’t limited to stock for products, marketing and salaries for those involved in the day to day running of the community.

We really appreciate all the support we receive here. To the members who make this community what it is, those who engage with and promote us on social media, those who have purchased t-shirts, those who have donated and everyone else who has offered advice or support along the way – we would like to thank all of you. All of those things make a real difference, and we recognise and value all of the help.