Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on The Good Limbo. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. No Public Complaints

    1. Please do not complain about moderators or discuss moderator action in public. If there is an issue please use email to contact us. However, if you have a problem with an individual mod acting inappropriately you may contact another mod to voice your concerns. #
  2. All decisions are final

    1. If you feel we have incorrectly dealt with a situation you may ask the mod team to reconsider once per action only. #
  3. All actions taken in private will not be discussed in public

    1. Moderators will not discuss any action they take as far as direct messages, warnings, removal of privileges or bans unless they feel that it is critical to talk to members to resolve the issue. #
  4. No inappropriate images or links

    1. No images, videos or links of non-members unless you have prior permission that can be proven. All images posted must also adhere to all other rules of The Good Limbo. This includes but is not limited to images of a pornographic nature, nudity, thinspiration, fat shaming and self harm. #
  5. No tipsharing or triggering content

    1. Please do not share tips on how to self harm or encourage people to behave dangerously. This includes but is not limited to encouraging alcohol, drugs, poor eating habits or self harm. Triggering content will also not be tolerated in our community. This includes but is not limited to inappropriate images, links or conversations. You may not post any numbers that describe body weight, BMI or clothing sizes. #
  6. Be mindful

    1. No emotional blackmail or manipulation. This includes but is not limited to suicide threats, suicide notes, blaming members for how you feel, blaming members for your actions and lying. #
  7. No discrimination

    1. Please do not discriminate. This includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, offensive comments about the personal beliefs and offensive comments about the political views of others. #
  8. PG 13

    1. All rooms, except the adult room, are to remain PG13. There should be no discussion including anything of a sexual nature or excessive discussion of alcohol with the exception of support in the support/serious room – this matter will be taken very seriously. If you wish to join the adult channel you must be over the age of 18. #
  9. Do not discuss illegal activity

    1. No discussion of activities which are illegal in your country of residence. No discussion of activities which are illegal in the United Kingdom and Ireland as the website is based there. #
  10. Be respectful and courteous

    1. Please interact with each other in a pleasant manner. Rudeness, argumentativeness or nasty sarcasm towards members or moderators won't be tolerated. Neither will bullying or harassing members or the moderator team. #
  11. No journalism or research without permission

    1. Journalists and researchers do not have permission to seek information or write stories about the website or any of the members here. If you would like permission to collect data or provide research questionnaires to members you must contact the moderators prior to contacting the members. The moderators have final decision on whether you will be allowed to do so. #
  12. Don't be disruptive

    1. No being disruptive or spamming in chat. This includes but is not limited to links, text talk, foreign languages or hijacking conversation. English only. #
  13. Use the correct chat channel or forum

    1. Use rooms/forums appropriately. General chat belongs in general, serious chat belongs in serious. There are descriptions for each room pinned above each room. #
  14. No under 16s

    1. By signing up to this website you confirm that you are 16+. The website, moderators and founders take no responsibility of inappropriate content for minors. #
  15. Stay safe!

    1. No posting personal information publicly i.e. phone numbers, addresses, or other personal information. #
  16. No first aid advice

    1. No posting first aid advice. You may discuss your experience with medications and medical personnel but you must not make or hint at recommendations. #
  17. No soliciting sex from members

    1. Under any circumstances. #
  18. We moderate issues on The Good Limbo only

    1. The moderators do not take responsibility for any concerns raised about members off of the site eg. on social media, meeting up privately etc. #
  19. No rejoining whilst banned

    1. No using the site under your name, a new name or anybody else’s name whilst banned. No assisting another member in breaking this rule. #
  20. One account per member

    1. The only exception to this rule is if a moderator requires a non moderation account for support. #
  21. Appropriate behaviour in adult

    1. The adult room is a room in which you may discuss things of a more sexual nature, however, you are not allowed to post images of a sexual nature or nude images. You are also not allowed to engage in cyber sex. All The Good Limbo rules except PG 13 still apply. #