Introduce yourself here, and meet our other members!
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Hi Folks,

I’m Marina, and I practiced in the financial services sector for almost a decade, and represented a variety of financial institutions in regulatory inquiries and litigation. Prior to joining Interactive Brokers Group, after 7 year career as a litigation associate, I was a financial consultant for a brokerage firm. Some of my past experience also includes management of the investment products section for a systematic CTA and freelanced for Bond Buyer, marketing for a large mutual fund firm.

My house is ruled by two feisty young boys, two dogs, and two cats 'yes, it’s a circus' My husband is a pro mountain bike racer and screams down trails at 40 mph. He sometimes breaks bones. To deal with my home chaos, I regularly go to the aerobics and spinning classes throughout the top gyms of Manhattan. English breakfast tea and dark chocolate are my addictions. I just started playing violin about 10 months ago and I sound horrid 'but I love it!'

Feel free to ask me anything about mental health issue, especially personal problem, or getting more advise. I’ll geek out getting so excited to help you with it! The reason I am so passionate about online mental health community for peer based support is because I’ve realized that the purpose of my life is to spread happiness through people; yes I believe that we can change the world!. Helping people with “savvy” online mental health community for peer based support allows to do that. We’re at the most exciting point in human history right now and I’m grateful to be here with such an amazing members group of folks as this.

I’m excited to get the group’s input on the best tools and tactics to get the word out as fast as possible.

Looking forward to interact and meeting many of you here!
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Re: #Iamnewmemberhere

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Hi Marina, really happy to have you here :) Welcome to TGL.

It's really nice that you feel able to share so much here. It sounds like you have a hectic but interesting life!
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Re: #Iamnewmemberhere

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Welcome Marina!
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