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Post by Muir »

Hi everyone, this is the new Introductions forum. Most of the early introductions can be found here. As well as new members saying hello, it could be nice if any of our existing members would like to make a new post introducing themselves so that any new joiners can get to know us!

We have the forums here and a live chat Discord server which can be found here. Most of our members are chat people more than forum people, so you'll tend to find chat more active.

I think most of us can relate to that feeling of a new place being scary to post in, so please don't be afraid to say hi. We're a friendly bunch really.

Most importantly, welcome to TGL. We hope you find what it is you're looking for here.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Spork. »

My name is Zoe, I help the big boss run the place :P

I like cartoons and gaming.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Puck »

Hi, I'm Meg! I have a dog named ziggy, and I love crafty stuff, reading and geeky sci fi tv shows! Welcome!
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