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Thank you all 💜 and for the hugs person

I think that's the case it just hurt but I'm not stopping mum moving in with her, mum just doesn't think she can keep a life and move in with her. She just doesn't want to and mum is still angry so she doesn't seem to feel it was true . I had a moment that I genuinely thought maybe that is what I'm doing but I just took ziggy on a long walk and thought it through I don't do that at all mum and me had a really good day Saturday and chatted a lot about how far I have come and also that lockdown wasn't a strain on our relationship that we're more adult-adult instead of ault-dependent. I think nan must see I'm getting in her way even though mum has no intention of moving in with her. She may fear the care home aspect. I'll happily let her be angry at me if it helps.

I'm just nervous because since qualifying I haven't has as much practice due to moving to my home town and not really having the clients where i was originally. so I'm scared I'll be rusty and It's the thought of not getting anyone or anyone willing to pay my very reasonable fee. I don't like asking for money but I'll have to obviously. Arranging appointments terrifies me as well. But I'm sure once I'm in the swing of things and going again the anxiety will die down
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Only let her be angry at you as long as you're not going to believe a word of it. It still won't be nice to hear. I'm glad the walk was helpful to think it all through. It sounds like you have a really good relationship with your mum.

Is there anyone you could do some practising on?
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I'm glad having a walk and thinking it through has helped. I think when people are getting older and unwell they're often feeling afraid because they're losing their independence, so it is likely just her lashing out. I'm glad you and your mum had a good chat over the weekend too. It's nice to talk about how far you've come - well done.

It is hard. I know Zoe and I often struggle with the promoting things here and the asking for money/trying to sell products. But you are offering a service, and even if you're a little rusty you are qualified and you know what you're doing. Don't sell yourself short. We believe in you <3
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We absolutely believe in you! You know what you're doing Meg. It just might take a little bit for you to feel settled and confident but that's true of all of us with new things.
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Meg, i Think the fact that you try to get on with stuff and still help your nan is very admirable. My late grandmother was like her. She did have a drinking problem though which was the cause of her mean and spiteful outbursts. But i did not want to subject myself to that so the last 5 or 6 years she lived, i simply refused to go and visit her. I knew she probably didn't mean it and i knew it was the alcohol talking. But it was just too much for me. What i wanted to say with this is that i believe it takes great patience but also great strength to keep relatives close when they get old and lose touch with reality. I hope you can give yourself some credit for that. Being spoken to in a cruel and patronising Way is never nice or easy. Choosing to forgive and rising above it is noble and kind.
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