CN/TW Pregnancy

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CN/TW Pregnancy

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It's a bit early to be sharing this as I haven't had a scan or anything yet but I'm pregnant.

It's not completely unexpected as we weren't using contraception - neither of us could really decide whether to have kids or not so we let nature decide for us.

I'm so ambivalent (on the fence) about having a child. Probably won't have more than one as I'm disabled but plenty of disabled people have one or more children. I just don't know I'll make a good mother.

My own mother is of the opinion that it's what 'most' people do and whenever I try to talk about having mixed feelings about it she laughs. She doesn't 'do' emotions so I guess she is just uncomfortable.

I'm posting to share in a safe space I guess but if anyone can relate to the mixed feelings of being pregnant I would love to hear from you.
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Re: CN/TW Pregnancy

Post by Spork. »

I've never been pregnant myself nor wanted to be so this isn't a personal perspective but I think actually a lot more people than you hear about have mixed or indifferent feelings but probably feel like that's not how they should feel.
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