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Helpful Links regarding benefits

Struggling with mental health can be difficult financially as well as emotionally. While we are not legal advisors, we understand that you may have money worries and might not be aware of what is available to you or how to apply for it. The links below offer advice on the benefits available to those too unwell to work.

Filling in the forms

Filling in the forms while applying for benefits can be an arduous process, it can be very difficult to explain how your mental health affects your ability to do day to day tasks. There are people who can help you with this process and explanations online. Please use the below links to support you if you’re having difficulty.

Permitted work while receiving benefits

In some cases you may be allowed to do a certain amount of “permitted” paid or unpaid work without it affecting your benefits. This mostly applies to people in the ESA work related or support groups. We hope the links below give a little information on what you can and can’t do while claiming.