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Helpful links regarding benefits

In Ireland, there are a few different options for benefits depending on if you are short or long term unwell and unfit for work. Firstly, you should contact your GP. They will determine your ability to work and fill in the paperwork if you are unable. Some of these benefits are dependent on the contributions you have paid. However, if you don’t have enough you should continue to send in certificates from your doctor (as these are a help to you long term). If you aren’t entitled to other help, you can apply for supplementary welfare allowance which is a means tested payment.

If you meet certain criteria, you can apply for a medical card or a GP visit card. A medical card allows you free public health services, and subsidised prescription charges. A GP visit card allows you free GP visits.

Citizens information

Provide information on your rights and entitlements. You can find relevant information on illness and disability benefits, and you can also call them or visit your local information centre for help specific to you.

Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection

This is who you apply to in order to receive benefits. Their website contains information on benefits. In addition, you can find forms you might need and contact information for your local DEASP office.

Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS)

MABS is a money advice service and offer information to those dealing with problem debt. They provide support in managing your finances. For example, they can negotiate with creditors on your behalf, offer budgeting advice or look at personal insolvency options.