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Small Comforts is a pocket-sized kit designed to help with mindfulness on the move by utilising the five major senses. It’s loosely based on the 54321 grounding technique. Mindfulness is a wonderful tool to keep you centred. Whether you suffer from mental health issues or you just need a hand on those stressful days, small comforts is the perfect companion.

Each kit contains the following:

  • An informational card for sight
  • A pack of mints for hearing and taste
  • An elastic band for touch
  • A lavender scented card for smell

Also included in each kit is an ICME card. This is a place for you to write down what helps you when you need it. It could be a friend’s phone number (or your own, if it’s a gift), a mental health crisis plan or a positive quote. It can also be used as something to give to others if you end up in a situation where you find yourself too distressed to communicate effectively.

“…I would not normally buy something like this.

Anyway, long story short, forget that plan I have been using it and it genuinelly helped calm me calm down today.

For me personally it was the band that I have been using. It is quite a strong band so it has a nice snap to it and I found my self fidgeting with it in the waiting room for the doctors.

On about the discrete I only had it on me by chance as I didn’t realise I had left it in my coat pocket.”


It can be hard to find the time to keep tools like mindfulness in practice. Small Comforts contains the tools to help you ground yourself when you need it most.


These kits are a great self-care tool. They also make a wonderful gift and way to show someone you care. Each kit costs €7 including worldwide delivery, and you can purchase yours here or buy clicking the add to cart button below.


We also offer custom branding and bulk order pricing. These kits make great take-aways for conferences, ice breakers for events, room amenities for hotels or employee gifts. The ICME card could be used to promote your workplace wellness program to staff. Contact to discuss your needs and enquire about bulk pricing.

Educators and Students Unions

Small Comforts are an ideal way to promote positive well being in the classroom or showcase services offered to students. Email and we can discuss your needs and pricing.