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Women in Business

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As some of you know, I was at Thrive Festival last weekend promoting The Good Limbo. While there, I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people. All of the exhibitors were so lovely. They helped to keep me well fed and hydrated for the weekend.

With the team at Tenzing providing natural energy drinks, Green Farm sending me home with chicken and turkey, Activia offering yoghurts and smoothies, and Kind being kind with their bars. There are so many more I haven’t even mentioned, but lets just say the kitchen is now well stocked!

It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow, so I wanted to take this chance to give a shout out to some of the lovely ladies I met last weekend.

DreamCatchingDuo – Dream Catcher
DreamCatchingDuo – Fridge Magnet

Trish and Becca are DreamCatchingDuo. They strive to make self help, self healing and self love affordable and attainable to all. Their beautiful products are all handmade, from touch wood affirmations, to lava stone diffuser jewellery. You can purchase from their online store, or if you’re based in Ireland, catch them at a market or fair (details on their Instagram).

Nonna Diary – Self Care Journal

Clodagh is the founder of Nonna Diary. She creates fun and stylish diaries & stationery to motivate you and help you track every goal. She gifted me one of her self care journals which is filled with activities to help guide you in self care, with affirmations, journalling and even a colouring section. These are also on sale right now for International Women’s Day so make sure to take a look!

Running a business is hard work, and sometimes it can feel like a lonely, uphill battle. Too often we’re faced with competitiveness when we should be working together. I think this is particularly important to remember when it comes to mental health – the goal shouldn’t be for any one charity or business to be the best. The goal should always be the greatest benefit to the widest number of people possible.

Thank you to everyone who showed me kindness last weekend. Everyone who came with me to help out – I really appreciate it. We had some great feedback on our Small Comforts kits, and The Good Limbo. To all of the exhibitors – great work! Not just the products and services, but the working together, and helping each other out. To the Thrive Festival staff – fantastic job! I hope I’ll be seeing you all next year.

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