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This is the fourth blog post in my series about returning to university. You can read the last one on team roles here.

For week three we looked at values. The way we went about it was to come up with the worst possible working conditions we could think of, and then use the things we really dislike to identify what it is we value. I do think this is a useful tool to highlight your values. What I did find was that the energy had been really high and positive in the class up to that point, and it really dropped during this exercise. I think some of the things that came out of it were quite difficult and touchy subjects for people. By the time I was going home I was really drained.

The Friday was better. We created a values wheel to see which of our values aren’t being met in life. We also looked at the process of working backwards from an end goal to identify the steps needed to get there. I think that can be a very useful way to work out your to-do list. I’m not always the best planner, I prefer just doing – but I recognise that this isn’t always the best way. Not planning means it’s easy to go off track.

I think this week was where I really found myself getting to know people in the class. Maybe the content being a little more emotional allowed for this. Also this class lead us into our first project that lasted outside class time, which meant more contact with people outside those hours.

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