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Keeping Occupied while Stuck Inside

Stuck Inside

Most of us are probably already experts at social distancing and staying indoors but it can be difficult, particularly when it’s something you have to do. However, there are plenty of things we can do to keep busy. I’m going to share some and people are welcome to add on to the list over on our fourms.

Lots of artists are doing free online concerts. You can see a list with some here, and you can also catch up on some of the ones you’ve missed here. I’m listening to Hozier as I type this!

Colouring – there’s a free colouring book you can print here. If you have no printer, draw something to colour. If you think you can’t draw, then do horizontal lines and vertical lines on a page and colour the boxes. Or draw something like the picture underneath and colour it in.


All those tasks you’ve been putting off for when you have time? Now you have time! Clean out your wardrobe, de-clutter the attic, paint your living room. Whatever it is, now is your chance to get it done.

Alex Horne is posting daily tasks on Twitter. Come up with creative ways to do them. Share the videos. I mean really, share the videos, I want to see!

Be creative. That book you always wanted to write? Get going. The blog you’ve been meaning to start? Start it. The language you’ve been planning to learn? Learn it.

If you don’t want to start a blog, but you’d like to write a blog post, write one for TGL, or find a place that accepts blog posts about the topic you want to write about.

Read a book. Or, listen to a book. Audible are providing free audio books for kids, but who needs to be a kid to listen to Winnie The Pooh? Also, there are books in other languages so you can do two things at once here.

Check in on friends, family, neighbours etc. Just because we need to stay apart physically doesn’t mean we can’t pick up the phone, or send an email, or even write a letter.

Draw, paint, take photos, scrapbook, knit, write poetry. You don’t have to be good at it. Maybe you’ll discover you’re great at it. Either way, it doesn’t matter so long as you enjoy it.

Keeping Occupied While Stuck Inside

Cook and bake. It’s important we still keep eating well during this time, and cooking and baking can be fun. Maybe you’ll discover a new recipe you love that you might never have tried otherwise.

Sing and dance. Again, it doesn’t matter if you’re good at it. It’s fun and it can make you feel good.

Binge watch a TV show. Watch all those classic movies you never got around to seeing. Watch a documentary about something you know nothing about.

Learn something new. Pick a topic you might find interesting and research it.

Learn to code. W3Schools is a great resource.

Do some gardening if you have a garden. If you don’t, get some seeds for things you can grow indoors. You could try an indoor herb garden.

The Royal Opera House will be streaming opera on Facebook and Youtube, give it a watch.

Voice actors are doing Shakespeare on Youtube.

Play computer games, or online arcade games. Play cards or boardgames with the other people in your house, or play something online with your friends.

If you do any of the things here, tell us about it, or share photos.

Help grow this list of ideas.

Talk on our forums or chat. This is a difficult and uncertain time for everyone – but we will be here.

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